From sketches to photographs – the recording of space

Diocletian’s Palace Vestibule before beginning of work in 1956. Photo by Jure Mateljan
(Jerko Marasović, Tomislav Marasović, Branimir Gabričević, Research and reconstruction of Diocletian’s Palace Peristyle in Split 1956.‒1961., Katja Marasović, ed., Split 2014.)


Ana Šverko’s research will focus on the unique characteristics and complementarity of recording space through various media: from drawings to photographs, and through an analysis of photo documentation with the goal of uncovering the lasting, the remembered, and the forgotten in space. The emphasis will be on travel photography and approaches that intentionally exclude certain elements while mapping space through a scene/photograph. This research aims to valorise photography within the study of the history of space, and the valorisation of photography’s role in the formation of collective memory of space and the formation of the spirit of a place (the genus loci). Additional contributions to this will be a comprehensive analysis of Nenad Gattin’s photographic opus of Split, in collaboration with Irena Šimić, with a particular focus on N. Gattin’s methodology, which also includes a study of recording spaces using other media.