“Bringing down the ‘Archive Fever’” conference – The list of accepted abstracts

Institute of Art History announces an international scientific conference, which will take place on the 21st – 22nd of October in Zagreb. The conference is held as part of the project The Cycle, in collaboration with Spéos International Photographic Institute, ParizMagnum Photos Endowment Fund, ParizUred za fotografiju, ZagrebSveučilište Deusto, Bilbao. 


We are happy to announce the list of presenters, while the full program will follow in September:


Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert

Re-framing Photographic Archives: Archaeological photography and the construction of knowledge

Viktoria Myronenko

Exploring the Soviet cinematographer’s private photo archive: issues of popularization and representation

Derrick R. Cartwright

Constructed Invisibility: The Photographic Archives of Esther Born

Patrizia Cappellini

What Lies Behind an Ink Stamp. The Euristic Potential of a Florentine Dealer’s Photo Archive in the Photo Library of Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz

Kathy Carbone & Vukašin Nedeljković

Documenting Asylum and Refuge: The Amplification Project and the Asylum Archive

Ivana Gržina

From private archive to public museum (and sometimes all over again)

Satu Savia

From Helsinki market square to the word – the significance analysis of a stereoscopic photograph

Kateryna Filyuk

The Forgotten Soviet Ukrainian Photographer Iryna Pap

Ellen Nolan

Hidden histories in The Nita Harvey archive (1928-1938): Why stories and narratives within archives be included and recorded as part of the archive

Anna Katharina Skarpelis

A sociologist walks into a photographic archive: access, knowledge & modalities of analysis

Katarzyna Ruchel-Stockmans

Community-based photographic archives and ‘potential’ histories of the Cold War in Eastern Europe

Stella Jungmann, Elahe Helbig, Michèle Dick

Visiting the Archive – Finding Epistemic Spaces. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Swiss Photographic Archives

Mireia Ludevid Llop

Memory as First Breath

Kamila Kłudkiewicz

(Re)constructing the archive. The case of a reproduction collection from Poznań

Sigrid Lien

Subverting the archive: The challenges of researching early woman photographers

Hrvoje Gržina

AGEFOTO or: How I Learned About the “Archive Fever” and Started to Love Photography

Judit Gellér

Our Photographs Old and New

Mette Sandbye

Striving for Independence: The role of women photographers in the fight for Danish women’s liberation in the early 1900s

Francesco Dragoni

Iconic wave and “Archival Impulse” in 20th century Italy. Taxonomies of the collective imagination in Mario Bellucci’s Iconographic Musical Collection (1920-1966)

Christina Moraru

Archive and Memory in Post-socialist Art

Magdalena Nowak

Stanisław Ostoja-Kotkowski’s archive at the National Museum in Warsaw. Self-historicization through photography

Ana Catarina Pinho

Empire, history and fiction. Contesting narratives through archival appropriation in contemporary art

Miha Colner

Contextualising the Archive: Case Study Miroslav Zdovc

Maria Gourieva

Private archives and the ethical choices of curatorship

Slađana Petrović Varagić & Miroslav Karić

Archivist / achiver:  Dragica Vukadinović  

Marie Egger

The Public Presentation of Private Photography – A Case Study from Vienna and Berlin

Lucila Mallart

Archival Practices and National Identities in the Iconographic Repertoire of Spain (1915-1923)