March 2022

CALL FOR PAPERS – Formats of (Non)Seeing

Split, 27th – 29th October 2022   Formats of (Non)Seeing   [Photographic] “Images are significant surfaces. Images signify – mainly – something “out there” in space and time that they have to make comprehensible to us as abstractions (as reductions of the four dimensions of space and time to the two surface dimensions).” V. Flusser, 2007 After its appearance in 1839, photography quickly became a participant, witness and chronicler of

Photography – practice and medium of documentation and cultural-analytical thinking

RESEARCH PROJECT 6. PAZI ŠTO JEDEŠ LABORATORIJ, April 4 – 8, 2022, University of Zadar STUDENT RESTAURANTS: EXPERIENCES, MEMORIES, VIEWS, AND OPPORTUNITIES Pazi šo jedeš Laboratorij (PŠJ LAB) brings together students of ethnology and cultural anthropology from the University of Zagreb and the University of Zadar, conducts field research on traditional and modern nutrition, and encourages approaches, techniques, and methods of visual ethnography. The project is taking place for the