Photography – practice and medium of documentation and cultural-analytical thinking

RESEARCH PROJECT 6. PAZI ŠTO JEDEŠ LABORATORIJ, April 4 – 8, 2022, University of Zadar


Pazi šo jedeš Laboratorij (PŠJ LAB) brings together students of ethnology and cultural anthropology from the University of Zagreb and the University of Zadar, conducts field research on traditional and modern nutrition, and encourages approaches, techniques, and methods of visual ethnography.

The project is taking place for the sixth year in a row, this year in Zadar and with the theme of organized forms of nutrition, with an emphasis on student restaurants and photography as a practice and medium of documentation and cultural-analytical thinking.
Student nutrition, as well as places where meals take place, are served and consumed (student restaurants), are relevant places for researching student everyday life and food culture: the intersections of encounters, values, expectations, habits, routines, choices, and tactics.

This year’s PŠJ LAB program is based on these complex (nutrition) micro-experiences. Field research (interviews, observation, participation, recording, photography) will be combined with the theoretical-workshop part (on various forms of organized nutrition (workers’ restaurants, humanitarian kitchens, soup kitchens, etc.); on food anthropology; on ethnographic, artistic and documentary photography; on the artistic-documentary view on the topic of nutrition and techniques of video recording and photography).

In the organization and implementation of the program participates Tihana Rubić, Associate Professor (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology) as a member of the Croatian Science Foundation project Ekspozicija – Themes and aspects of Croatian photography from the 19th century to the present (IP-2019-04-1772).