Programme of the conference Formats of (Non)Seeing

Programme of the conference Formats of (Non)Seeing, organised by Institute of Art History, which will take place  in Split, October 27 – 29:


Thursday, 27 October 2022


Thinking about the world in early times

Hrvoje Gržina

Croatia in colour: Autochromes with Croatian motifs in the Albert Kahn’s Archives of the planet

Annika Toots

“Liquid Photography” and the photographic legacy of the Estonian photographer Jaan Riet

Meri Kunčić

Photo as a source for researching of long-duration history. The example of Dalmatian island and city of Rab

Ana Šverko

Female travel photography of the early 20th century: “Motoring in the Balkans along the highways of Dalmatia, Montenegro, the Herzegovina and Bosnia” (Chicago 1909) by Frances Kinsley Hutchinson


Curatorial narratives and life as photographic phenomenon

Alice Haddad

Landscape inventory vs. collection: the photography commission of the Flemish Government Architect on display

George Themistokleous

Simulated photography and the de-habituation of the self(image)

Ali Shobeiri

The Room is the world: Reflecting on the lived life of ‘Hikikomori’ through photography

Leonida Kovač

…ce phénomène photographique, la vie


Constructing and deconstructing knowledge through photography in the period between two world wars

Alexandra Matz

Tracing the threads of a relationship through archival imagery: The case of Otti Berger and Ludwig Hilberseimer

Ana Rajković Pejić

Skinny and exhausted: visualization of labour force in interwar Yugoslavia

Stella Fatović-Ferenčić and Martin Kuhar

The interwar project of photodocumenting Zagreb’s housing misery – various possibilities of reading their content

Tihana Petrović Leš, Tihana Rubić and Ivan Grkeš

Between leisure and research: The Mediterranean in Milovan Gavazzi’s photographic opus in the first half of the 20th century


Friday, 28 October 2022


Key note (TBA)


Reality of socialist time

Ana Šeparović and Sandra Križić Roban

Photography in the focus of cultural-critical discourse: Critical reflections on photography in Croatia between 1941 and 1980

Dragan Čihorić

An impossible flaneur: Tošo Dabac in Zenica 1965

Ante Orlović

History of the alumina factory in Obrovac – photographic narrative

Lana Lovrenčić

A MIDTERM PLAN. Petar Dabac and his initiative of establishing a national museum of photography


Construction and transfer of knowledge

Ivana Gržina

‘Both Sides Now’: Images of a museum’s life from up and down

Višnja Pentić Vukašinović

An emancipated spectator – Photography as a “pedagogical tool”

Dominik Lengyel and Catherine Toulouse

Creating reality to be interpreted through the photography of abstraction

Katarzyna Ruchel-Stockmans

Grass-roots archives and knowledge production through photographic commons in Eastern Europe


Saturday, 29 October 2022

Closing remarks


A detailed programme with abstracts will be announced soon.