A new volume of the journal Studia ethnologica Croatica has been published with contributions from collaborators on the project

In December 2022, the new, 34th issue of the journal Studia ethnologica Croatica was published and is available on the Hrčak portal at the following link >>>

Along with an editorial on the topic of the magazine edited by Ph.D. Ana Šeparović and Ph.D. Sandra Križić Roban, titled “Photography and Its Many Faces [Introduction to Thematic Section]”, which is the result of activities on the Ekspozicija project, contributions were also published by the following collaborators: Hrvoje Gržina – “Five Dollars for Plagiarism: The Affair of Photographer Milan Pavić’s Copyright Infringement (1938 – 1948)”; Ana Šeparović – “Early Writings on Photography in Croatia: Main Aspects of the Discourse about the “New Daughter of the Sun in the Circle of Muses” and Sandra Križić Roban – “Who’s Looking at Me? Who am I/are We Looking at?”.

In addition, contributions from authors received based on an open call were published in the thematic section: Suzana Leček – “The “Pedantic Amateur”: Karlo Dieneš and the Social Role of Photography in the 1920s”; Rozana Vojvoda – “The Conceptual Use of Photography in the Artwork of Antun Maračić”, Jelena Matić – “Influences from the Interwar Period on the Photography of Socialist Realism in Croatia and Serbia” and Jasna Galjer – “The Role of Photography in the Transfers of Architectural Ideas of the 1950s and 1960s in the Architectural Magazines: From Documents to Socially Engaged Criticism”.

The articles in the thematic section are published in English with summaries in Croatian. The publisher is the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, and the editor-in-chief is Ph.D. Tihana Rubić, who is also a collaborator on the project.